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Independent Accounting Services

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Our Team and kudos from Clients

Accounting & Consulting Pros for Business Owners
- over 100 years of combined accounting & consulting expertise -

Our pro advisors hold professional designations that include: CB, CFP, CLU, with expertise in taxes (business & personal) accounting / retirement planning / estate planning / venture funding / investing / asset protection / law (business & personal) / real estate sales, purchase, managing, and corp relocation.

Members of our consulting team have worked and consulted for such companies as Merrill Lynch, CitiBank, Bank of America, AT&T, Norwest, Countrywide Mortgage, JH Tax Services, Commonwealth Corp, Coastal Funding, Berkshire Hathaway, and smaller, less heralded companies, as well as professional musicians and athletes including Hall of Famers.

Rick with Fran Tarkenton - legendary NFL Hall of Famer

Hanging out - Client Randy Skinner and legendary actor Denzel Washington

Randy Skinner - Leader of the great jazz band Skin Tones In Pursuit

Client & IAS pros team friend Clarence Scott, NFL/Cleveland Browns legend

Client & IAS pros team friend Clarence Scott played legendary NFL pro defense

We can also come to your office or your home to work for you

We are positioned and able to serve all areas and all businesses.

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Client Testimonials of appreciation for our Award-Winning service


We contacted you guys for a income tax problem. You provided just what we needed to put my mind at rest and take care of the situation. – AF


I’m happy to write about my experience of going from owing $4,000 in taxes before switching to you and now getting back $9,000. The other tax people didn’t understand real estate taxes and deductions in multiple states like you did. I’m so glad we switched to you and your company! – CS


I’m writing about a real estate deal in Atlanta though I live in Richmond now. I faxed the contract. They advised me about the GA and Richmond real estate tax laws and advised me what to do. I received thousands. – TC


Thank you for taking time to address our Career Success School on clientele building. You continue to be one of our leaders in the region and the entire territory. - RB, Vice President, National Fortune 500 Financial Services company


Congratulations on another tremendous season! Your client surveys consistently rate you high in the areas of knowledge and professionalism. You truly are among the best of the best! – KM, National Accounting firm Vice President


We have used IAS for years...first for their real estate services. Then for our personal taxes. Then they helped me set up my business and have been doing my business taxes since. – SM


Wonderful work! Those corporate taxes were a big weight off our shoulders. – VC


Thank you for your effort, commitment, and dedication to serving our clients and getting them the maximum refund they deserve. We couldn't have done it without you! –  CEO of National Tax Services Company


Over the years I have referred Rick to business owners, associates, and corporate executives. Not once has the feedback been anything but favorable. I even invited him to speak to our executive management team to share with us his services. In all my dealings with him I have found him to be professional, helpful, reliable, and personable. – LM, Chamber of Commerce President


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…You may never know how very much appreciated you are. – CP


GP College invited Rick Paul of IAS to provide a series of workshops to students and business owners in our Corporate Education program. All in attendance walked away with a keener awareness of how [the topics] impact our business taxes and our personal finances. – FF, VP of Corporate Education, GP College


CSU brought tax & data consultant Mr. Rick Paul in for a few semesters to educate business owners and students on financial and legal issues facing businesses and business owners. He did a great job and every class gave him high evaluations. – AC, Director of Corporate Training


For years we have had Mr. Paul come out and teach our business classes about taxes as a business owner or contractor, deductions, incorporations, record keeping, and more. He makes it fun and beneficial. They always love him which is why we keep bringing him back. – LW, Director, Cosmetology College


Congratulations! For another successful season you have received exceptional surveys by dozens of your customers. Among other things they rated you excellent in being knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. You are truly among the best of the best. – National Accounting firm Vice President


We have used Independent Accounting & Consulting for years. We used their real estate loan services when we moved from California. Then our personal taxes. They set up my LLC and have been doing my business taxes for years. – CT


In my position as Personnel Officer under the Governor it has always been a pleasure to bring in Rick Paul on some of our community projects because of his competence, reliability, and attitude. Rick was always knowledgeable, thorough, and businesslike. In many cases he went out of his way to assist us. – WT


I feel Mr Paul was very thorough, and took time to explain tax matters no one has before. - Kathy K.


I had the privilege of speaking with your representative Mr. Rick Paul who was very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. If all your employees are as professional as Mr. Paul it certainly says a lot about your company. - DJP, Member of Congress/House of Representatives


 Mr. Boland was quite impressed with the manner you presented your company's services. That should help your position with the Department of Administrative Services. Please be assured we will continue to provide access to you and the company you represent.     - DB, Assistant Director, State Lottery Commission


Thanks a million for your amazing stress-free tax services! Your knowledge and professionalism are second to none! We are very grateful for your expert tax advice and business guidance. – AC


We met with you yesterday at your office. We appreciate your professionalism and have decided to make you our tax preparer for years going forward. - D&GW


Mr Rick Paul has awesome great customer service. Love his love for helping people get the maximum refund and it’s done right. - B. Peters


The enthusiasm throughout the process, and the willingness of the staff to go the extra mile to make sure I was completely satisfied beyond normal measures. Great job. - Walter G.

My taxes are always prepared professionally. And done right every year. - Tammy M.


It was a great experience with Mr. Paul. He walked me through step by step and explained everything in ways that I would understand. Now I understand what taxes are fully and what everything means as well as the procedures. - Adrianna

Very good customer service they actually work for you to help you get back what you deserve friendly staff good hospitality, refreshments. Just a very well deserved credit - Cassius

He took the time to actually explain my refund not just run numbers and send me on my way. - Ashlee


Mr. Paul is very dedicated & consistent in helping me with all my needs and getting me a maximum refund back. - Katelyn

Mr. Paul was good and knew what he was doing. He asked good questions to help me with my taxes and my family situation. - Trisca

Rick Paul was very courteous and knowledgeable. He explained everything and answered all my questions. - Letitia

Mr. Paul and his staff are friendly. He gave detailed explanations of everything and broke it down so I could understand it. - Danielle


I love Mr. Paul's personality and how he informs on taxes and makes sure I understand the taxes and the tax process. - Abby

I like how Mr. Paul help me get the most and explained the rules on my federal and Georgia state taxes. He helped me understand taxes that I never understood before. - Simon

Mr. Paul gave over the top professionalism, courtesy and generous and genuine treatment. He had a uncanny ability to meet common ground with me. - Kevin

Mr. Paul was personable, informative, and made me feel comfortable during the process. - Wanesha

Mr. Paul explained things thoroughly. His personality was excellent. - Carolyn

Mr. Paul answered all our questions and is courteous. We will continue to come to him as long as we have to file taxes. - Eddie


I learned a lot about taxes and the IRS from Mr. Paul than I had before. Mr. Paul was a good help to us during the experience of our tax returns. He explained everything to us so we could understand it. Thanks for a person like Mr. Paul and we will return next year to do our taxes if the good Lord says the same. Jeffery

Mr. Paul knows what he's doing. He is professional and cares about us clients and how much money they get. - Paul

I like that Mr. Paul gets straight to the point. He really cares about his customers and getting them the max they can get. - Marcus

Mr. Paul was professional and knowledgeable about tax law and computer applications. The office was friendly and clean and has a good professional atmosphere. - Cynthia

Mr. Paul was very helpful in doing my taxes. He's been helping me with the IP PIN issues I was having with my daughters identity. He told me how to get it and my options in the meantime. - Alina


Mister Rick was very professional the establishment was very clean the staff was very nice he helped me understand my taxes helped me understand what I needed I was very satisfied and very pleased with my services I would recommend it to anybody. - Natasha

Mr. Paul has a nice, quiet, relaxed office with a very warm spirit. And he does a good job explaining the tax documents and the steps in the process and where the money comes from. And his jazz music is on point for a relaxed office. - Schawanna

Mr. Paul delivered everything nice. It was a great, peaceful experience. He gets 10s across the board from us. - Joel

Mr. Paul was freakin awesome!!! - Diana


Thanks so much to all of you wonderful clients for your kind words, trust, and referrals. As we've told you for years, our clients are our most treasured assets. We consider it our privilege and our business to help you grow and protect your profits and your business ~ Rick & all the IAS team Accountants, Consultants, and Trainers