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Independent Accounting Services

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Legal Services for Business Owners

“In this unstable environment many small business owners
first become educated about law disputes when they’re at
the other end of a [legal] gun… It’s a difficult and expensive
learning experience.”
– Nations Business Magazine


Our provider law firm* offers services in the following areas of law:
Corporate Law l Injury Cases l Worker’s Compensation l Employment Matters

Real Estate l Wills & Trusts l Domestic Relations l Bankruptcy l Traffic Defense

Social Security Estate Planning l Commercial Litigation l Partnerships

Labor Law l Criminal Defense l Elder Law l Taxation Law [federal and states]


       Our Business Owners Legal Solutions Plan Includes the following and more:                  
        Unlimited Legal Consultation
        - Legal questions answered by A-Rated Attorneys
        Legal Correspondence & Debt Collection
        - Letters written by A-Rated Attorneys
          (No additional collection “percentage fees” to the Law firm)
        Contract & Business Document Review
         - (3) Contracts and (3) Business Documents per month
        Trial Defense Services
         - 75 hours to defend your business against a covered business civil action lawsuit.


*Neither Independent Accounting Services (IAS) or our parent company
INLAREC, LLC directly provides legal advice or legal consultation.
We have arranged for our clients to receive the top-rated legal services
shown above at substantially discounted rates from this premier law firm.
Ask your IAS Pro Advisors how to get special rates on these business legal services.