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Independent Accounting Services

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Business Tax Audit Services

Independent Accounting Services
provides services to "audit-proof" you and your business


It must first be factually stated that no one can guarantee that you will never be audited. Several factors can lead to a individual or business being audited. Some of the factors may be purely random. So no true tax professional would ever make such an assertion. Nevertheless, the small-business Owner is the very one most likely to be targeted by the IRS. “The IRS has decided to focus most of its audit resources on small businesses and the self-employed,” says Robert Stovall, director of the National Audit Defense Network. [Fortune Small Business (FSB) magazine]


As Owner of a Small Business you have enough on your plate without sweating through an IRS tax audit. The IAS Tax Helpers Team provides tax planning, consulting, and filing services for owners of small to medium-sized businesses. Our objectives are to help you meet all of your tax obligations, while also helping you reduce your tax liability as much as legally possible. After all what really counts is: not how much you make, but how much you keep. You’re good at making it. We’re good at helping you keep it.



Our accounting, bookkeeping, and tax planning services are designed to spot and avoid the "red flags" that may often trigger audits with the federal and state tax agencies. Our services also enable our clients to be financially organized and well prepared so that in the event they are selected for a audit they are in the best position to face it confidently and pass it with as little stress as possible.


12 Steps we take to help our clients avoid some red flags that could lead to IRS audits

  1. We avoid mistakes due to negligence & carelessness (red flag)
  2. We accurately categorize income & expense items (red flag)
  3. We keep true & accurate expense records via monthly pro bookkeeping
  4. We limit “unnecessary losses” but still accurately utilize NOLs (red flag)
  5. We make sure you have the best entity class & match your methods
  6. By compliant & timely filing of quarterly and/or monthly withholdings
  7. By judicious treatment of personal vs. business accounting (red flag)
  8. By smart & accurate treatment of home-office expense write offs (red flag)
  9. We properly determine & classify your employees vs. independents (red flag)
  10. Accurate & timely submission of W-2 withholdings & 1099s & 1096s (red flag)
  11. By advance notification – get to them (the IRS) before they come to you
  12. By being creative but still honest & truthful – It pays in the short & long run